When do you know you need communications help?

  • You don’t have the expertise you need internally
  • You have the expertise but not the time
  • Your project is too confidential to assign internally
  • You need an expert to get your board’s approval
  • You need to move faster than you know your organization can

There’s no substitute for professional communications support. But JVA Group recognizes not everyone has access to professional communications resources. We provide the following resources and a genuine offer to help — give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Make a Plan

Knowing where you’re going and what you want to accomplish using communications strategies is vital. Consider your plan as a Map — your starting point is really your destination. What does success look like? Once you know where you’re going simply work backwards to create the best route to get there. Your communications plan should ideally reflect your organization’s mission and vision. It should link directly to your strategic direction. Your communications plan should help you accomplish your project or program goals. We’ve provided some examples of plans below but remember: Your plan should reflect who you are and what you uniquely want to accomplish.

Download First5 Fresno Communications Plan

Download LAUSD Communications Plan

Crisis Communications

Every CEO, Executive Director and Elected Official will have to deliver bad news. It comes with the job. Don’t be caught off guard. Planning for trouble prevent minor incidents from turning into a damaging communications crisis.

  • Develop a Crisis Communications Plan
  • Designate spokespeople based on their expertise and make sure they’ve been trained
  • Respond to media inquiries rapidly
  • Make sure your stakeholders are the first to know
  • Establish partnerships — friends who can help in a crisis
  • Test and update your plan