imgresWe provided public information support for the largest community college district in the nation. The LACCD is an incredible resource in the region providing a vital education and career path for thousands of people, yet so few know about it. We generated earned media coverage for various events and projects and produced a unique storytelling website for the District.




imgres-1We developed and implemented a national research project for WKKF‘s new Diversity in American Media Project to identify potential investment opportunities for the Foundation’s Racial Equity initiative. Using the results we began to develop a new funding framework to support their work. We also provided counsel to the Foundation in the development and implementation of a national Latino families poll in the works for the Fall 2014.



SCAQMDWe partnered with the Sensis Agency to develop and implement an education campaign for the South Coast Air Quality Management District around their “Check Before You Burn” campaign designed to convince Southern California residents not to use their fireplaces during bad air quality days. The campaign has used PSA’s, digital and earned media strategies to successfully improve the region’s air quality.



We worked with the Koreatown Youth and Community Center Preschool teachers and administrators to develop and share education and health tips for parents of young children. Our digital and video tips included: Taming Tantrums, How to Find a Preschool, and Toddlers & Technology. We also worked with KYCC on the re-branding and re-launch of their excellent preschool, “Kids Town.”




We were project managers for the development of a new digital platform for the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) and the NALEO Educational Fund. This included the development, construction and launch of a new website, and redesigned social media platforms utilizing Facebook and Twitter. We also helped the organization search for and hire a new Director of Communications and assisted that Director in the development of a long-term comprehensive plan.




Building on more than three years of work with CA Forward, we developed and activated a network of supporters across the state of California consisting of community activists eager to embrace the principles of local government reform. We also developed other projects: With United Latino Voices of Contra Costa County we engaged parents and local school districts on education reform; Along the Central Coast of the state we worked with the Tri-County Association of Latino Elected Officials to bring the principles of performance-based budgeting to education agencies. And we created the Southeast Cities Project convening Southeast LA local policymakers to work towards regional solutions. Our team was also heavily involved in all facets of CA Forward’s communications strategies including digital, video and event production.


As members of the Latino Outreach Team for the Yes on Prop 38 Campaign, we worked on earned media strategies designed to connect with targeted communities in Southern California including LA, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Fresno Counties. This involved the development and implementation of “pitch” strategies targeting both Spanish language media such as TV, radio and newspapers, as well as “mainstream” media outlets that cater to significant Latino audiences. We were involved in message development, editorial board and op-ed strategies.


imgres-2We supported a project by the ACLU of California and the League of Women Voters of CA to promote a series of Secretary of State candidate forums throughout the state that began in March 2014. The Forums were designed to educate voters on the critical role the Secretary of State plays in promoting voter education, engagement and participation. We were responsible for all media outreach as well as assisting with Forum planning and participation. Forums were conducted in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Berkeley.


imgresThrough a Hewlett Foundation grant, we worked with this feisty environmental justice organization based in Commerce City to help them weave their communications and development plans into a long-term and cohesive strategy. We helped East Yard use their digital properties such as their website and social media more effectively by producing short and engaging videos as well as help them get their amazing story better coverage by news organizations.




For the Yes on Prop 31 Campaign, our team was brought on board to produce a small but highly targeted TV campaign. We were challenged with writing, shooting and editing six broadcast spots within a 10-day period which we did effectively. Kudos to our team of videographers Angel Cardenas and Timmy Vatterott.  In addition to paid media, the videos we produced were also utilized on social media strategies including email, YouTube and Twitter. We also developed and implemented targeted Latino voter outreach in Southern California by tapping into our extensive network of political and community leaders.


These videos were produced for the Prop 31 campaign.


We provided media and presentation training to the Los Angeles Class of 2008 Fellows. This dynamic group of young political entrepreneurs are working to change the face of progressive politics. We discussed the concept of “media capital” with members of the group and encouraged them to build and utilize their media capital to leverage not only political but social change. We have been pleased and even proud to watch members of that class flex political muscles using communications strategies.


In addition to partnership strategies we have also provided CA Fwd with social media and video support. We produced a series of videos designed to help educate Californians about the importance of state government reform while trying to demonstrate how our state’s dysfunction manifests itself locally. For example, the residents of Bell, CA near Los Angeles have first-hand experience what happens when local government isn’t transparent or accountable.


This video was produced as an advocacy tool for the CA Forward Action Fund.

We also worked with advocacy organizations to develop social media campaigns utilizing short video profiles such as this.

Victor Abalos served as spokesman for CA Forward while he served as Director of Communications.

During an incredibly challenging year, JVA Group Principal Victor Abalos worked full-time for LAUSD Superintendent David Brewer as Special Communications Consultant reporting directly to the superintendent. Brought in to organize and manage the newly-created External Affairs Dept. this project quickly expanded into full-time crisis communications management. LAUSD was the target of investigative reports by multiple news organization during most of that year. Victor helped the district manage a budget crisis, controversy over the implementation of a new payroll system, allegations of tainted drinking water, contentious labor negotiations, teacher sex scandals, and a host of other controversies that put the district in the news daily. Below you can download a copy of the Communications Audit we create for the district.

Download LAUSD Communications Audit Report


First5 Santa Barbara County

  • Developed and launched new website
  • Created and launched comprehensive communications plan
  • Conducted media training for all board and executive leadership
  • Developed and launch a strategic partnership project


First 5 Fresno County

  • Project Managers for first countywide survey of parents of young children. Survey results used to inform program as well as outreach strategies
  • Conducted extensive communications audit
  • Created comprehensive communications plan
  • Download First5 Fresno Communications Plan


First 5 San Diego

  • Conducted extensive communications audit
  • Created comprehensive communications plan


MAOF logo

Former Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala

When the First Lady of Mexico came to visit the U.S. for the first time, MAOF was her host. Margarita Zavala, wife of then-Mexican President Felipe Calderon came to LA in April 2006 and JVA Group was hired to not only help coordinate communications for the visit but we also worked with MAOF to create development opportunities for the organization. In addition to managing Ms. Zavala’s visit to an MAOF childcare center, and handling dozens of international news crews, we organized a corporate event to introduce her to some of LA’s business and community leaders. We also managed communications for MAOF’s annual National Hispanic Women’s Conference, where Ms. Zavala was a special guest.

SemillasWhen Semillas Community Schools had their charter status challenges by LAUSD, we helped the school’s parents, teachers, students and administrators wage a campaign to continue district support. We subsequently helped the school campaign the LA County Office of Education Board to certify their charter status. Unfortunately, both efforts ended in failure. We continue to support the predominantly Latino parents and students who continue to fight for their school.