We are producing a video for the CA Housing Consortium to be used as a special event presentation and as an outreach vehicle. This organization is a key player in California working to bridge the affordable housing gap which has reached crisis proportions.




We recently launched the California Media Makers Project, CAMMP, providing the training and experience for our future video storytellers, or “media makers,” to find a clear path to success in higher education and eventually careers in the film and video production industries. We are working with school districts and community colleges to expand this program. Watch our short video!



Compton USDWe are working with Compton Unified School District’s superintendent and communications team to find more effective ways to engage with students, parents and the community to ensure all stakeholders are focused on student academic achievement and success. We have developed digital, event, and news media strategies to support this effort, including a greater focus on coverage of student success and activities on the district’s website. We also created a unique community/parent website featuring success stories.

We created two unique storytelling platforms for the District utilizing established and new social media platforms:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.20.40 PM


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